a ship in port is safe, but this is not what ships are built for


We work with dreamers, disruptors, builders, founders, entrepreneurs, and revolutionaries.

Our mission is to help you grow. Working as your trusted confidante, we will support you as you navigate the choppy waters ahead. With us on board, you can safely remain adventurous, daring, and unafraid. From strategic consultancy and advice to hands-on expertise, we’ve got your back. Are you ready to take your idea, your business, your initiative, your start-up, or scale-up to the next level?
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These days companies are faced with three major challenges

CAPITAL NEEDS – many companies are lost at sea when it comes to knowing where and how to fundraise. Whether seeking funding, investment or venture capital, or developing an investment strategy, business or financial plan, we can help

COMMUNICATION NEEDS – ensuring your company is properly positioned and clearly understood, identifying the best strategic fit all need to be on course. Product specs are straight-forward; convincing people to buy your product is less so

COMMUNITY AND CUSTOMER ACQUISITION NEEDS – deploying innovative technological solutions is pretty straight forward, but seeking out customers and building a raving fan base is not plain sailing

We focus on building alliances that matter most
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Investor relations and fundraising initiatives
We help you gain absolute clarity on the level and type of investment that you need. And then we support you with the fundraising strategy, pitch deck development, pitching, investor relations, business, and financial planning; since that’s where the magic happens
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Creating a raving fan base
We use our skills in community building, growth strategies, financial and business planning. We’ll get you thinking about product-market fit, ensuring that you’re talking to the right people about the right ideas, but most importantly - selling your products and services, keeping your customers happy
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Strategics communications and marketing initiatives
Whatever you need, we’re here to help. We don't shy away from using data to drive our decisions. From strategic communication planning and advice to hands-on support, creating key documents, developing your presentation skills, public speaking, and much more
We love working with revolutionaries. With over-achievers and dreamers. And we’re at our best when we’re connecting and introducing, challenging business owners to think and act differently. Our dream? To help you realise your dream.
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Best innovation and growth experts, passionate about new technologies, eager to help you get to the next level. Meet the Ancornites:
Managing Partner
Valentina Coco
COO & Partner
Alex Sabo
Managing Director & Senior Partner
Jiri Horak
Chief Venture Builder
Chandler T Wilson
Daria Bukatova
Marketing Director
Bertrand Landel
Kateryna Antonova
Illustrator, Graphic designer
Tristan Varewijck
Web-designer & Front-end developer
Daniel Herrera
Web-developer & designer, facilitator
Anna Voloshyn
Operational & Inside Sales Manager
Oksana Menzarenko
SMM Manager
Sandy McLean
Alexey Leontiev
Fundraising Manager
Georg Alexandridis
Andreas M. Imthurn
Data Migration and Integration
Peter Hora
Business Analysis
Zdenek Kratochvil
Enterprise Architecture
Karel Soukenik
IT Vision
Matouš Janda
Design UX and UI
Tom Garcy
Design UX and UI
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