Notice - FINSA


If you are NOT a professional or institutional customer, under the definition of FinSA, please do not consider any kind of financial product service offering from ANCORE STRATEGY GmbH or its unit ANCORE CAPITAL. 

ANCORE STRATEGY financial services are NOT provided to any kind of retail customers. 

The information and opinions published at the ANCORE STRATEGY site are for information purposes only. They constitute neither an invitation to make an offer nor a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell investment instruments, effect any transaction, or enter into any legal relations.

Foreign laws may prohibit publication on or access to the ANCORE STRATEGY site. Therefore, persons subject to such restrictions may not access the Sound Capital Site.

ANCORE STRATEGY GmbH rules out, as far as is legally permissible, any liability for damages or consequential damages resulting from the use of or access to the information at the ANCORE STRATEGY site or links to third-party websites (or from the impossibility of use/access).

FinSA Client Information

Based on the legal requirements of Art. 8 ff. of the Financial Services Act, we would like to supply you with this information sheet, which provides an overview of Ancore Strategy GmbH and its services.

A. Company Information


Ancore Strategy GmbH

Seidenstrasse 3

8800 Thalwil


CHE-317.490.499 MWST




ANCORE STRATEGY GmbH is affiliated with the independent ombudsman FINOS, which is recognized by the Federal Department of Finance. Disputes concerning legal claims between the customer and the financial services provider should be settled by an Ombudsman’s office, if possible, within the framework of a mediation procedure. The address of FINOS is stated below.

Finanzombudsstelle Schweiz (FINOS)

Talstrassse 20

8001 Zurich

Phone: +41 44 552 08 00



B. Information on the offered financial services 

ANCORE STRATEGY GmbH and its unit ANCORE CAPITAL provide independent financial product offerings without any specific financial investor advice. Ancore does not make personal recommendations to buy units or shares in one or more collective investment schemes or any other financial products. The decision to buy, sell or invest always remains with the client.

ANCORE does not guarantee any yield or performance of investment activities. Therefore, the investment activity can lead to an appreciation in value and a depreciation in value.

ANCORE has the necessary licenses to distribute the above services.

C. Client Segmentation 

Financial service providers are required to classify their customers into a client segmentation as legally established. The Financial Services Act provides for «retail customers», professional customers», and «institutional customers» segments. 

Ancore only distributes any kind of product for professional and institutional customer segments. 

D. Information on risks and costs

General risks associated with financial instruments transactions. 

ANCORE is acting as an independent product provider of third-party products. Ancore is not liable for any depreciation in value or loss of the distributed products. 

No Investor should invest in a collective investment scheme, direct investment, or any other financial product before understanding the risks associated with it and its suitability compared to the investor’s financial condition.

Information on costs

Depending on ANCORE’S services and distributed products, potential fees can occur in a case-by-case situation. 

Direct client fees will be declared in any offering and contract of the distributed products and/or services. 

E. Information about relationships with Third Parties

In connection with the financial services offered by ANCORE, commercial relationships with third parties may exist.

F. Information on the market offer considered

ANCORE follows an «open universe approach» and tries to make the best possible choice by selecting its product partners and their financial instruments.